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vista di alatri

Alatri is a charming town in the centre of Ciociary, a great territory at the heart of the region of Latium: the name derives from the word Aletrium, dating to the period of Hernici, a people to whom the town has belonged in ancient times. Alatri is one of the richest towns of Latium for its monuments. Among these, one of the most important is the Acropolis, enormous construction called Civita, built through the cutting of the hill from which large block of stones are used for the construction of the building without using cement materials.

mura ciclopiche

"Gregorovius" describes Civita with significant words: "there is no equal monuments as beautiful as this throughout Latium...colossal walls composed by stones of irregular shape... and amazed we wonder how they were able to place these stones in such a great manner...without leaving the minimum intersice, producing the effect of a giant mosaic put together with the best precision..."

piazza Santa Maria Maggiore

At the very heart of the city is the main square or Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore, on which face the church, the Town Hall, the Conti Gentili Palace and the church of Piarist Padri Scolopi. Viale Duca D'Aosta, is a beautiful avenue with its famous gardens and the Square dedicated to Paolo Cittadini, mayor of Alatri, commonly called the "Girone-circle". Other churches that a tourist can visit are all in the historical centre of Alatri, such as Santo Stefano, San Francesco and San Silvestro. At the centre of town also stands the Trivio, nodal point of city life, which arises from the confluence of three major streets, Corso della Repubblica, Corso Cavour and Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Near here it is located one of the main buildings of the medieval Alatri, Palazzo Gottifredi with the neighbouring house-tower of the Romanic era.

vista del Trivio

Some of the most famous cultural events in this beautiful town are: the celebration for the Patron Saint, Saint Sixtus I, during which people commemorate the time when the relics of the Saint arrived at the town, or the procession on the Good Friday, during which a procession of historical masks evoking the flight of the Jewish people from Egypt, the flight of Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus and the crucifixion of Christ runs through the streets of the town. During the summer there are interesting events among which the Alatri's Folk Festival and numerous fairs held periodically. we can say that Alatri is a town to visit.

Other images of Alatri

rosone chiesa Santa Maria porta mura ciclopiche chiesa dei Cappuccini