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La Ciociaria

le ciocie

Ciociary is a wide geographical region of South Latium that extends for about 3.400 sq km and largely covers the present area of the province of Frosinone. The name Ciociaria derives from ciocie, a pair of shoes once used by shepherds and farmers in the area, they are made of a piece of treated leather, of rectangular shape and a piece of cloth, adapted to the foot through a system of attachment that made the shoes perfectly tight to feet. Today these shoes are fit during folkloric events; in particular on Christmas period, they are fit by pipers who, running through the town's streets, spread all around, the melodious sound of their instruments: the bagpipes.

Beautiful landscapes, picturesque villages, parks, natural spas and tasty food make Ciociary an area to be discovered. Picturesque landscapes can be admired in the various towns that keep intact all the traditions and characteristics of ancient rural places, located on the hills or on the feet ol Ciociary mountains.

This area is also known for some mineral water springs with significant therapeutic efficacy. One of the well-known is the Spa of Fiuggi dedicated to the Pope Boniface VIII. It is a quiet "island" in which the green of the water to create a place in which people can immerse and relax themselves to recharge their own minds and bodies. Of great importance among the spas is the "Terme di Pompeo",(Spa of Pompeo), also called Spa of the "Acquapuzza", for its sulphureous water, located near the town of Ferentino and recently rebuilt according modern, aesthetic and functional criteria.

Ciociary is a territory rich in artistic and historical monuments and several abbeys. Among these the Casamari Abbey,in the town of Veroli, which stands majestic and solitary on a rocky hill (300 m), bounded by the stream Amaseno and in town of Collepardo, the Certosa di Trisulti, a monastery inhabited by the Cistercian monks located in one of the most beautiful mountain landscape of Ciociary.

Images of the Ciociary

stazione termale di fiuggi terme di pompeo
Spa of Fiuggi Terme di Pompeo
abbazia di casamari certosa di trisulti
Abbey Casamari Certosa of Trisulti