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Our Menu


Pizzas Menu

Brio Bar Pizza Parlour offers its customers an extremely varied menu of pizzas cooked in wood oven, all customizable by the expert hands of the Chef Claudio. You can choose betwen the traditional and special pizzas, or opt for a metre long pizza with a mix of toppings to try different types of pizza. Pizzas are prepared and garnished with very fresh ingredients and of very high quality.

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Restaurant Menu

Il Ristorante Brio Bar offre ai propri clienti un'ampia scelta di primi piatti preparati con pasta fatta a mano e ingredienti di prima scelta. Si potranno assaggiare piatti tipici della tradizione ciociara come i fini fini al pomodoro e basilico oppure optare per i classici rigatoni alla carbonara o ancora sperimentare assolute e originali specialità dello chef Claudio come la pizza al pesce spada ripiena di spaghetti agli scampi.

L'offerta dei secondi piatti è altrettanto varia e propone bistecche alla griglia, scaloppine cucinate in vari modi, petto di pollo ecc. Le carni, tenerissime, sonoallevate in zona ed accuratamente selezionate.

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Sweet and Dessert Menu

Briobar Ice-cream Parlour offers a wide selection of cakes and ice creams prepared with only the freshest ingredients and the best raw materials available on the market. With our ice cream cups, cones or wafers you will refresh during your summer days and will finish a pizza dinner with "sweetness".

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The History of Pizza

Pizza has ancient origins, in fact, ancient peoples including Egyptians, used to work crushed and ground cereals to create a dough that was then cooked on hot stones.

This dough became softer with the discovery of the yeast. During the Roman period, the use of milling wheat and emmer became so widespread that it is also mentioned in the Aeneid by Virgil. Although the pizza is still a popular product in almost all the world, it is generally considered an original dish of the Italian cusine, specifically associated to the Neapolitan tradition.

The real origin of pizza, however, intended as a rolled out dough garnished with tomato and mozzarella is the subject of a dispute, in fact, in addition to Naples, other cities, as for example Genoa, are claiming for the authorship. Since the beginning of 900's pizza shops were a phenomenon purely Neapolitan and later Italian, through emigration they began to spread abroad, but only after Second World War, adapting to the tastes of different countries, they became a global phenomenon.